Deep down, we know we need help to bring our God-given visions to life. 

Are you still googling “how to…,” and trying to wear all of the hats in our ministry biz? Spoiler Alert: Burn-out is real and asking for help is the persevering kingdom go-getter’s second language. 

Ask me how I know!

We think we’re being good stewards of our money & resources by stretching ourselves thin.

But playing it safe by not investing in our callings is keeping so many believers from making an IMPACT AND AN INCOME from serving their online audiences.

Because last time I checked, you do this to serve people, and people love buying from brands they feel connected to.

Now I use my background in ministry, marketing, and more than a decade of experience in digital design to craft brands, websites, and persuasive words that build personal, profitable, and purposeful relationships with your online audience. 

But it could’ve been much easier for me if I had someone to look to for guidance as I grew–someone who understood me and the vision behind my business.

That was my story, too, before I obeyed God’s call to design & write website words for faith-led visionaries and more than tripled my income from home.

I'm Titania. 

Hey there!

After launching my digital ministry and later becoming a virtual assistant to Christian content creators, I realized that Christian entrepreneurs were struggling to monetize their messages and ministries online. That’s why I made it my mission to design digital-dream homes for visionaries who want to make an impact, AND an income serving the audience they love.

You’ll find my marketing & design training on the Compel Training and Entrusted Women platforms. My collaborative work with clients like Kendra Tillman has earned recognition from the marketing experts of My clients have been featured in Proverbs 31 Ministries, IF: Gathering, CMT, FOX, and beyond. 

(Pronounced Tye•tah•nee•yah)

I give purposeful brands a profitable online presence with authentic branding, persuasive copy, and strategic website design.

Flash back to my ministry launch in August 2016.

I launched my services in June 2020.

take a look!

a few of the names 



friend of GOD

Nothing gives me more joy & hope than quiet, raw moments in Jesus’ presence.




Gerald’s affectionate name for me, based on a Japanese honorific. (Think the medieval title “my lady” only it’s Japanese.)


In November 2018, my heart grew hands and feet. I have stopped chasing her since!




Art has always been my first love from day one. It remains my favorite way to express my deepest affection for others!


friends call me NIA

As for my name, there’s a close tie for second-place between “Nia-bia,” “Nee-bean,”and “Dinkerton” (depending on who you ask).

I believe my mission is bigger than pretty logos & websites. It’s about building God’s kingdom & showcasing His unmatched creativity. Every new project is a fresh opportunity to display His excellency.

Work is worship.

Yeah, I like a good-buy and all, but it’s kinda concerning how often one is confused for the other these days. I’m reviving the lost art of loving fellow human beings one project at a time.

People not products. 

…Because a $ can’t bring me the satisfaction, peace, & joy that Jesus’ approval, presence & provision can. Around here, integrity isn’t an added bonus–it’s the basics of good business.

Doing the right thing.

No one is self-made. So when I win, I like to give God His props. I strive for innovation & excellence in all I do, to point others to God, my maker & the master designer of all things.

Raising the bar & giving Jesus all the credit.

My Values


Nia is amazingly talented, creative, & really listens to what you want!

Also, she's just plain fun to work with!

I am loving my new site and branding and watching God make it grow–excited and thankful!

Meredith Carr

"Talented, professional, & just fun to work with!"

Working with Titania caused me to elevate the work that I do. My site is now catching the attention of podcast sponsors & coaching clients!

I was sick of speaking and telling people I have a website and then thinking, "I hope they don't go to it." Her designs freed me up to be more of myself and caused other people to feel like, "Okay, I'm seeing and hearing the same quality & expertise that I when I'm with Susan."

Susan Seay

"I feel like working with you caused me to upgrade my everything."




You can stop searching for a designer.
Because you’ve found a creative partner who gets YOU.  Let’s translate your vision into a digital experience that leaves your audience wishing that they had found you sooner.

Hire Me to Design Your Digital Dream Home

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